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Discover the best female and male personal trainers in Scottsdale, Arizona. Get customized fitness plans and expert guidance to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Using a personal trainer from Scottsdale SMTF can be a great choice for a number of reasons. Firstly, Scottsdale SMTF trainers have their own training facility which means they have control over the equipment and space available for your workouts. This allows them to tailor your sessions to your specific needs and goals, and to create a workout environment that is comfortable and conducive to your progress. They can also ensure that the equipment is well-maintained and safe to use.

Personal Trainers at Scottsdale SMTF are highly experienced and qualified professionals. We screen and verify all of our trainers’ qualifications and experiences. This means that you can be confident that you are working with a trainer who has the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Scottsdale SMTF trainers have access to a variety of resources and tools that can enhance your training experience, such as workout programs and nutrition plans. This can make it easier for you to stay on track and make progress towards your goals.

Overall, using a personal trainer from Scottsdale SMTF can be a great way to get the support and guidance you need to achieve your fitness goals, in a safe and effective way.

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Haley Strachan – Personal Trainer Certified Personal Trainer - Hi! I’m Haley, a certified personal trainer who has been training in the industry for the last 5 years.Growing up, I was always active and loved challenging myself to try new sports with hopes to excel at everything I tried. I was a gymnast for 10 [...]
Joel Harris – Combat Sports Specialist Combat Sports Specialist - Joel is a passionate personal trainer and combat sports enthusiast dedicated to helping individuals achieve an elevated mental state and self-cultivation through the art of physical expression. With a lifelong love for combat sports, Joel began his training journey at the age of 10 and [...]
    Delaney Wood – Personal Trainer Hi, I’m Delaney Wood! I’m the Owner of Strong Sis Squad LLC. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer here at Self Made Training Facility in Scottsdale. The world of fitness was introduced to me in early 2019, I was well overweight and the heaviest I’ve been in my life! [...]
    Megan Alsever – Personal Trainer in Scottsdale Personal Trainer in Scottsdale - Hi, y’all! My name is Megan. I have been a trainer for about two years. My lifting journey started after I graduated high school and discontinued team sports. I specialize in women’s fitness, weightlifting, and nutrition coaching.I love fitness because of the lessons [...]
    Zac Lamore – Personal Trainer Personal Trainer - Zac Lamore is the Owner and Head Coach of Ethix Personal Training LLC, a renowned fitness establishment committed to transforming lives through personalized training programs. With over six years of experience as a National Competitive bodybuilder, Zac has established himself as a leading authority in the health [...]
    Mir Muhammad – BodyBuilding Personal Trainer BodyBuilding Personal Trainer - His insatiable hunger for success has earned him a reputation as a "psycho for his goals," a moniker that he wears as a badge of honor. Psycho's journey into the world of fitness began at a young age, where he discovered the transformative power of [...]
      Kenyatta Banks – Personal Trainer Personal Trainer - Kenyatta Banks, the CEO and creator of the Arsenal by Kenyatta workout series, is a fitness enthusiast and a true authority in the field of personal training. With a lifelong passion for fitness that surpasses his three middle names, Kenyatta has dedicated himself to helping others achieve [...]
        Dylan Hauver – MMA and Personal Trainer in Scottsdale Personal Trainer in Scottsdale - My journey from a troubled high school student battling substance abuse to a passionate MMA and fitness trainer was transformative. Wrestling became my salvation, teaching me the value of hard work, dedication, and resilience. This experience ignited my dream of becoming [...]
        JD Durso – Boxing Trainer and Coach Personal Trainer - My name is JD Durso, and I am a Personal Fitness Coach at SMTF Scottsdale. From a young age, fitness and sports have been an integral part of my life, shaping me into the passionate and dedicated individual I am today. As a Personal Fitness [...]
        Cary Hiner – Corrective Exercise & Sports Performance Cary Hiner - Corrective Exercise & Sports Performance - For more than 30 years, Cary Hiner has been dedicated to training a wide range of individuals in Sonoma County to enhance athletic performance and prevent injuries. A Sonoma County native, Cary was recognized as Lineman of the [...]
          Coie Rodriguez – Personal Trainer in Scottsdale Personal Trainer in Scottsdale - Coie Rodriguez, the proud owner of Built By Coie, is a dedicated and passionate personal trainer who has recently made Arizona her new home after a successful career in Kansas City. With a strong background in Nutrition Exercise Physiology, Coie has been actively [...]
          Caleb Shields – Personal Trainer My name is Caleb Shields. I am a personal trainer that specializes in bodybuilding, natural aesthetics, strength/conditioning, and mobility/functionality training. I fell in love with the gym after tearing my ACL wrestling in college. I always lifted weights and worked out for the sports I played all throughout High-school and [...]
          Nic Toben – Personal Trainer Personal Trainer - Nic is a highly accomplished and sought-after personal trainer with an impressive track record in the field of fitness and wellness. As an NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, he possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. With [...]
          Personal Trainer - Personal Strength and Wellness Coach
 *24 years of experience* Training philosophy: Integrated, holistic, individualized, educational, progressive, scientifically driven and continuously evolving, intentional, and needs analysis to guide process. We understand and teach movement as a tool to help everyone achieve their desired goal in the shortest time possible! Areas of expertise and [...]
          Steve Wolf – NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer Hi there! My name is Steve Wolf, owner of Wolf Pack Fitness LLC. My credentials are: * NCCPT certified personal trainer * Associates degree in nutrition/dietetics * 5x men’s physique competitor * Trained in NeuXtec interactive neuromuscular stimulation (INS) using the NxPro * 10 years of lifting experience [...]
          Samantha Estlund – Personal Trainer in Scottsdale, Az Personal Trainer in Scottsdale - My name is Samantha. I moved to Arizona 2 years ago from Georgia, I am a professional skin care therapist as we a professional fitness trainer. I have credentials in Pain Free Performance Training as well as Hydration Specialist. I have decided [...]
            Gino Ciavone – Personal Trainer Personal Trainer - What’s going on brother my name is Gino and I’m a Men’s fitness & personal development coach here at Self Made Training Facility in Scottsdale Arizona I grew up below the poverty line in DETROIT Michigan. When I was 18 years old I found myself homeless and [...]
            Akua Santewa – Personal Trainer Personal Trainer - Akua is a passionate and experienced personal trainer with over 7 years of experience in the fitness industry. Her mission is to help her clients feel confident, sexy, and strong by designing personalized programs that are tailored to their unique needs and goals.As someone who has struggled [...]
            Rosiane Liddi – Certified Personal Trainer Hello! My name is Rosiane Liddi, I am from Brazil. I am a certified personal trainer a certified Fitness nutritionist and through fitness I teach women’s the power of self love. I am a mom of two beautiful girls and for me is so important to educate about self [...]
            Vasilios Ignadiou – Personal Trainer Personal Trainer - Vasilios is a 25-year-old Marine Corps Veteran who has dedicated his life to fitness and wellness. Through years of mentally and physically challenging training, he has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve peak physical performance.As a certified Personal Trainer and Virtual Coach through [...]
            Sophie Hubby – Personal Trainer in Scottsdale Sophie Hubby - Personal Trainer in Scottsdale - Sophie, a dynamic and versatile athlete, has traversed various athletic domains, transitioning from a successful college basketball career to conquering the realms of powerlifting and ultimately excelling in the world of bodybuilding. Her journey through these distinct disciplines has not [...]
              UFC Veteran 2014-Present College Wrestling Arizona State University 99’-01’ University of Northern Colorado 02’-04’ Maryvale Wrestling Coach 04’-08’ Lions Den instructor 08’-12’ Fight Ready Instructor 12’-20’
              Raneem Amayreh – Personal Trainer Female Personal Trainer - Raneem Amayreh moved to the United States from Jordan in 2014. The big move was not easy and shaped Raneem’s future from being a computer engineer to a fitness/health coach. The first months were a big culture, career, and social transition.Raneem found her peace and joy [...]
                Joi Gregor – Personal Trainer Hello there! My name is Joi "Joy" Gregor, and I am a certified personal trainer and fitness specialist based in beautiful North Scottsdale, AZ. With my expertise as a NASM CPT, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Golf Fitness Specialist, I am dedicated to empowering individuals and guiding them [...]
                Hope Juliet – Personal Trainer Hi my name is Hope! I have been a CPT for 4 years now, I started my personal training journey first with a mentor who taught me a lot and started as a client myself. I was an athlete my entire life and knew that helping others achieve their goals [...]
                I have been a Personal Trainer here at the Scottsdale Self Made location for a little over two years now. This is something I have been extremely passionate about for a while. I started my own fitness journey about 6 years ago and truly fell in love with it. My personal passion for fitness, health [...]
                Michael Santini – Personal Trainer in Scottsdale Personal Trainer in Scottsdale - Mike created Machine Mentality Performance to fill a gap between the physical and mental challenges in life and in sports. MMP is more than just a weightlifting program. Mike focuses on the mental challenges that affect athletes every day. Building the mental side [...]
                George Castro – MMA Personal Coach Personal Trainer -  Coach George Castro is a highly sought-after Personal Trainer and renowned strength and conditioning coach, known for his exceptional expertise in the field. With an impressive track record of training professional athletes in prominent organizations such as the UFC, Bellator, ONE, NFL, and MLB, Coach Castro [...]
                Jonathan Myers – Certified Personal Trainer I am a certified personal trainer, having received my certification through the NCSA. I have over 15 years of bodybuilding experience and have recently developed a strong passion for calisthenics. Staying fit is not a hobby, nor should it be a chore. It is a lifestyle, one that has [...]
                  Jami Donaldson – Personal Trainer in Scottsdale Personal Trainer in Scottsdale – Hello! I’m Jami, a certified personal trainer dedicated to helping individuals discover their true strengths. I have been in the fitness industry for 4 years after spending 4 years in the field of child welfare and behavioral health.I was a competitive cheerleader for [...]
                  Brooklynn Malaterre – Personal Trainer in Scottsdale Personal Trainer - Hello! I'm Brooklynn, a passionate personal trainer with a focus on corrective exercise, behavior change, and weight loss. My journey in this field began from a personal struggle with self-confidence and an unhealthy lifestyle. I understand the challenges faced by individuals who feel dissatisfied in [...]
                  Karen Martinez – Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach -  Karen Martinez is a personal trainer and nutrition coach on a mission! Her mission is to empower moms and women to transform their lives through a lifestyle change approach to health and fitness. As a proud mother herself, she understands the [...]
                  Nicolas Durso – Boxing and Bodybuilding Coach Nicolas Durso - Boxing and Bodybuilding Coach - Nic Durso stands as a beacon of expertise in the realms of boxing and bodybuilding, offering a unique blend of specialized training programs that cater to individuals seeking to transform their bodies and bolster their athleticism. With a keen focus [...]
                    John Casas – Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach in Scottsdale John Casas, a seasoned fitness professional with six years of experience, is the founder of Move with Glory, specializing in holistic wellness through pain-free training, stretching, and rehab & recovery therapy, complemented by nutritional guidance. Inspired by the loss of his mother to a stroke [...]
                      Bryan Bogardus – Strength & Conditioning Coach Strength & Conditioning Coach - Born with a passion for football, my formative years were defined by the sights and sounds of the game, as well as the physical demands it placed upon me. As I spent my days lifting weights and running drills, little did I know [...]
                        Alex Justice – Personal Trainer Hi, I'm Alex Justice! I have been a personal trainer for over 2 years. I attended and  studied Kinesiology at Arizona State University where I fell in love with learning how the body works and seeing what it is truly capable of achieving in my own training. With my passion [...]


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